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Say HELLO to Bill Denert - Author & Illustrator

Bill Denert is an up-and-coming author of children’s
books. His series, Tales From the Little Valley, is the
first of his works to be published. He gives his late dad,
Bill, Sr., a lot of credit for teaching him the ability to
tell bedtime stories. As a youngster, he used to love
having his dad tell great bedtime stories about
Uncle Wiggly and Peter Rabbit and he carried on
that tradition with his own daughters, by telling
original bedtime stories about Bee and Grasshopper.
His stories always contain little reminders about safety, sharing, and responsibility as well as a brain teaser about math in this first of a series.

The author is a fervent lover of all living things and hopes that those who read his series can also form an appreciation for all creatures great and small.

Bill lives in Cromwell, Connecticut with his wife Donna, his dog, Shelby and his cat, Rookie.


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